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Guitarist Bobby Fisher

Guitar virtuoso, composer and author Bobby Fisher brightened the studio recently with his kind spirit and some amazing acoustic guitar. Bobby’s no slouch; he’s played with studio musicians who’ve supported hugely popular acts and lent distinctive guitar licks to soaps including All My Children, One Life to live, Another World, and The Guiding Light. But success hasn’t hardened Bobby’s heart-the Renaissance man remains committed to using his music for peace, unity, understanding, equality and economic justice for all people. Check out all of the good he’s doing for music (and the world) here!


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Let Ambient Studios and Recording Engineer/Producer David Prues take your music to the next level! David and his staff will provide you with everything that you need to successfully complete your project, whether it’s a broadcast voice-over, demo, LP or full album. If you’re looking to unleash your inner musician or hone existing skills, Ambient Studios Music Academy offers instruction on keyboard, voice, guitar, bass and drums. David is a fun and relaxed instructor, so you’ll feel comfortable learning from him regardless of your level of experience. Ambient Studios also offers state of the art equipment to produce high quality recordings that surpass those produced by local boutique studios at twice the cost. Add to that David’s twenty years of production experience and you get incredible results. So incredible, in fact, that Ambient Studios music has aired nationally on MTV and VH-1. For more information on the studio, including rates and more about David’s experience, visit

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